Swarovski glasses: fashion crystal on your eyes

Optica Baroš is proud present the latest addition to our offer – Swarovski prescription and sunglasses. Swarovski, a globally recognized brand of luxury crystals, provides us with the ultimate combination of elegance and fashion expression on every pair of glasses.

An innovative tradition

The Swarovski company has a long history and tradition. It was founded back in 1895, and from the very beginning, the brand was known for its passion for innovation and design. Daniel Swarovski, the founder of the company, passionately promoted the world of luxury and design, making Swarovski one of the leading brands on the world stage.

Crystals as inspiration

Swarovski has become synonymous with premium crystals. Their crystal cutting expertise and use of high quality materials is evident in every piece of jewelry, watch or eyewear they create. Swarovski prescription frames and sunglasses are inspired by the sparkle and magic of crystals, giving you a unique opportunity to wear pieces of that light and elegance.

Elegance and femininity

Swarovski collections of sunglasses and prescription glasses exude elegance and femininity. Each design is carefully thought out to highlight your personality and style. Sunglasses offer protection from the sun with a touch of luxury, while prescription frames allow you to express your character with crystal precision.

Optika Baroš is proud to offer you Swarovski prescription and sunglasses. Here you will find the latest Swarovski brand models that will satisfy even the most demanding fashion enthusiasts. Be ready for an irresistible combination of style, quality and sparkle. Let your eyes be a reflection of your unique personality with Swarovski glasses.

A touch of luxury in your life

Swarovski means luxury, elegance and sparkling refinement. Now you can wear this world famous brand on your eyes. Swarovski glasses will give you a touch of luxury in your everyday life, while protecting your eyes and highlighting your style. Optika Baroš brings the world of Swarovski glasses closer to you, so that every woman can experience the magic and elegance of Swarovski crystals.